2020. szeptember 28.

A Roche Services (Europe) Ltd új, modern központba költözik Budapesten

A vállalat szolgáltatója, a Roche Services (Europe) Ltd. új központba költözött. A Skanska által épített épület rengeteg egyedi tulajdonsággal és fenntartható megoldással rendelkezik, és az intelligens funkcióknak köszönhetően segíti az alkalmazottak biztonságát a globális járvány idején is. Teljes cikk angolul.

The Budapest based service division of long-time business partner Roche had quite an exciting time lately: the Basel based company’s service provider, Roche Services (Europe) Ltd. moved into a new head office. The building – built by Skanska – has lots of unique features and sustainable solutions, and thanks to intelligent functions it also helps employees to stay safe during the global pandemic.

Roche in Budapest moved into a brand new, modern office, built by Skanska Hungary. The building is the third and final part of the already successfully operating Nordic Light complex in the 13th district of the Hungarian capital.

Roche employees occupy seven floors, which altogether means an office area of 14 000 m2 and a huge landscaped garden. According to Skanska, their goal was to develop a property that not only stands the test of time, but also contributes to the health and well-being of the colleagues of Roche.

Sustainable solutions & innovative design

Advanced solutions in sustainability, design, digitalization and comfort were applied during the development of the new office building. Bicycle parking, showers and lockers for bikers, along with a multifunctional public garden and green terraces encourage physical activities as well as opportunities for relaxation and boosting energy throughout the working day. The design was tailor made for Roche by Paulinyi & Partners, who paid special attention to prioritize the human experience without compromising the environment, while applying new ways of creating space in the busy city. Every part down to the smallest details has been designed to help people feel inspired.

„We are beyond excited to finally occupy our brand-new office, which will unite us in our passion to build a better future. This is a highly anticipated milestone in our company’s history, as it was preceded by two years of intense planning and assessing the needs of our colleagues. Our new environment was designed – down to the smallest detail – to create an atmosphere which fits our purpose: to transform patients’ lives. The activity-based- and innovative spaces support our company’s progressive vision. I am extremely proud of our project team whose commitment and enthusiasm guaranteed that our new office would be a perfect place to learn more, grow further and bring out the best in ourselves together, as a community. I am very grateful for everyone at Roche who contributed to this big step forward and the professionals at Skanska who made our visions come true.” – said Eve Bader, General Manager, Roche Services (Europe) Ltd.

Thanks to modern intelligent functions, the new head office also offers helpful ways for employees to stay safe during the global pandemic: a virtual reception feature enables a touchless arrival, while touch-free functionalities help avoiding contact with frequently used surfaces.