2021. April 28.

Einreise in die Schweiz

Bleiben Sie auf dieser Website über aktuelle Einreisesoptionen auf dem Laufenden: Link

Ungarn ist wieder auf der BAG-Liste der Risikoländer ab dem 22. März: Liste gültig bei der Einreise ab dem 22.3.21

2021. April 12.

Dr. Rose Private Hospital: The immune system during the pandemic

During a coronavirus outbreak, in terms of the development of symptoms it is very important whether our immune system is working properly or not. Regarding conditions for the proper functioning of the immune system and what we can do to maintain our health, we ask chief physician Professor Dr. Kristóf Nékám, Dr. Rose Private Hospital’s immunologist and allergist.

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2021. April 12.

ABB recognized as a globally leading innovative corporation

ABB has been named one of the world’s most innovative companies 2021 by Clarivate, a global leader in analytics, including scientific and academic research, patent intelligence and compliance standards.

Since 2012, Clarivate’s list has identified global innovators and celebrated companies and research institutions at the very top of the innovation ecosystem. Using the same methodology every year, Clarivate analyzes the patented ideas of over 14,000 entities for their levels of investment, impact and quality. 2021 marks the fifth time that ABB has been listed.


2021. März 26.

Tochtergesellschaft oder Zweigniederlassung: Die Vor- und Nachteile

Internationale Unternehmen in Ungarn sind hauptsächlich in der Form von Tochtergesellschaften tätig, während Zweigniederlassungen und Repräsentanzbüros  (representative office) weitere interessante Alternativen darstellen.