24 Mai 2022

Philip Morris International published new sustainability strategy

For PMI, sustainability is more than just a means to minimize negative externalities and mitigate risks. PMI sees sustainability as a fundamental opportunity for innovation, growth, and purpose-led, impact-driven, long-term value creation. Accordingly, the company works hard to integrate sustainability into every aspect of its business and activities.

In recent years, PMI has expanded its social, human, intellectual and productive capabilities in ways that has allowed the company to think about the potential positive impact on society from the outset of the business transformation, with long-term goals in mind. The company’s updates Statement of Purpose continues to reflect PMI’s current strategy, but already includes PMI’s long-term efforts to become a lifestyle and health-focused company. PMI’s intention is to generate at least USD 1 billion in net revenue from these new businesses by 2025.

In terms of corporate operational principles, the key consideration for PMI is to build and maintain responsible corporate behavior throughout its whole value chain. From a social perspective, this includes fair and equal treatment, a corporate culture that supports employees, and improving the quality of life for all who participate in the value chain.

Full version of PMI Integrated Report is available here: https://www.pmi.com/integratedreport2021