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Swisscham networking café


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, 09:30-11:30


Párisi Udvar Hotel Budapest,
Budapest, Petőfi Sándor u. 2-4, 1052

Für Nichtmitglieder ist die Veranstaltung nicht zugänglich.


Thank you for attending our networking event today, the atmosphere was great! After the introduction of 7 of our members who joined last year, the conversation continued casually in the beautiful Paris Courtyard Hotel. Those interested could participate on a guided tour in this historic building. 

We are planning other similar events, during which our members will get to know each other freely, and in addition to enjoying the personal meeting, we hope that fruitful business relations will be established on these occasions. 

If you would like to introduce yourself this year (whether you are an old or a new member) within the framework of this event series, please write us a short e-mail at rendezveny@swisscham.hu.