Irma Veberic

Roche Magyarország Kft.

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What was the main reason you joined Swisscham? When did you join?

I am Slovenian and have been working with Roche since 1996. I moved to Hungary in June 2017 and I joined Swisscham at atum in the same year. I see Swisscham as one of the partners with whom we are working together for a better tomorrow of Hungarians. Our company mission is to close the gap between the Hungarian and European patients’ outcomes by building partnerships with Hungarian patients and the healthcare system’s stakeholders, utilizing Roche’s portfolio and beyond.

Why did you decide to run for a position on the Board?

With all the experiences I have from Roche, I have realized that my purpose is giving unconditionally and to help others. With Roche, I have many opportunities to do so. But I also have a nagging feeling of guilt that I have fallen into the same trap as everyone else.  I have focussed our efforts  inwards.  Within Roche Hungary.  And I’m not convinced that’s good enough. So, this was the main reason why I decided to run for VP position. Therefore, I feel that the proverb “if you want to go far, go together” fits well with the mindset necessary to success here.

What do you expect from the cooperation of our chamber and your company in the future?

Roche has a very strong footprint and commitment to Hungary and Hungarian patients. As a company, Roche will strive to leverage prevention and early detection with appropriate screenings and diagnostics, and then deliver innovative therapies. Together with Swisscham and other Swiss companies we could strive for better prevention & screening of all Hungarians.

What event(s) would you highlight from the history of our joint work?

2 main highlights from last year are coming to my mind: 

Together with Swisscham and Swiss Embassy we opened the PV Hub Budapest in September 2019. 

In 2019 we celebrated our 35 anniversary of Roche Hungary. We are present with four divisions:  Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics and Diabetes Care divisions as well as the Roche Services & Solutions Operations EMEA. The PV HUB Budapest is responsible for 23 European countries and 6 countries from Balkan Peninsula. More than 1200 employees are working for Roche in Hungary. 

At the beginning of November the 1st Swiss – Hungarian Healthcare Forum with a title: The Future of Oncology Care was organized by the Embassy of Switzerland in Hungary and Swisscham Hungary to bring together key stakeholders from the area of health policy and oncology care from both countries to discuss special challenges and share best practices. Participants of the roundtable discussion were Ambassador Nora Kronig Romero from the Federal Office of Public Health in Switzerland, Dr. Péter Csányi from the State Secretariat for Health in Hungary, Dr. Ábel Berczik, Deputy Secretary of State from the Finance Ministry and László Juhász, Managing Director and Senior Partner from BCG. Bilateral cooperation and best practice sharing facilitates fruitful discussion around improving healthcare even between such different healthcare systems as Hungary and Switzerland. Especially in the field of oncology, where innovations and personalized medicine call for action around the world to rethink the way we organize care.