2023. October 04.

Biometric Data Security: Your Guide to Selling a Smartphone Safely

Learn how to securely delete biometric data before you sell your smartphone while protecting your privacy and preventing data leaks.

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2023. July 14.

Zero Friction: The Future of Security

Companies no longer have to choose between strong security and a seamless customer experience because Zero Friction is the new Zero Trust.

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2023. April 20.

Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection for the Banking Sector

The incidence of cybercrime continues to grow worldwide. Crimes are increasingly committed in the digital space rather than in the real world. The Nevis professional article provides useful information on the following topics:

– Fraud prevention and fraud detection: a brief comparison
– Fraud prevention and fraud detection in the financial sector
– Example of a typical online fraud attempt

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2023. March 08.

Five Security Trends that Companies Need to Prepare For

If companies are to prepare for the year ahead, it is important that they are not only aware of but also rectify their security vulnerabilities.

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2022. December 08.

BYOI and SSO For a Smooth Digital Login on Websites

Through BYOI and SSO, companies can stem the ever-increasing number of passwords and provide users with a simple and secure authentication process.

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2022. November 02.

How Identity Orchestration Makes Human-Centric Identity Fly

A good UX requires human-centric identity. To learn what’s behind it and how identity orchestration can help, read the latest Nevis blog post.

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2022. September 22.

Biometrics as a solution to SCA requirements

A biometric process can make sure that customer convenience is not forgotten during authentication process despite the strong protection on offer.

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2022. August 23.

The Future Without Passwords With FIDO-Compliant Passkeys

It seems the introduction of Apple’s Passkeys is pushing password-free authentication even faster. FIDO-compliant and secure. Read why.

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2022. July 16.

How Safe Is Face ID?

Accessing your data is now as easy as smiling into the camera. Find out if Face ID is really that much safer than a password.

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2022. July 16.

The Evolution of Security With FIDO Protocols

Standardised security protocols have never been more essential. Read how FIDO uses the latest technologies to offer secure passwordless logins.

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