2023. October 24.

Stadler takes it to the next level: the 5,000th wagon body is ready, and the Szolnok plant is about to expand further

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2023. October 24.

Sponsoring opportunity in Switzerland

This NGO is the worldwide most famous association for young leaders and entrepreneurs, being 18-40 years old. Members are generally having higher degrees, speaking multiple languages and open for business cooperation. Estimated number of participants at the event will be more than 3000, which will therefore provide an excellent opportunity for international business networking.

For our member companies, we heartily recommend various sponsoring packages, having been described here:

2023. October 24.

VGD Hungary: The future of electronic invoicing: important changes ahead

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2023. October 24.

Molnár & Partners: Refund of foreign value added tax

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2023. October 24.

Sharity Impact capital raising an outstanding success

The capital raising was a pilot to complement the existing equity investment of approximately HUF 40 million by OXO Labs, with the direct participation of the closed investor community of the group. This eventually raised a further investment of more than HUF 150 million, several times the target amount.

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2023. October 02.

Swiss Days in Pécs

4-8 October, 2023

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2023. April 20.

Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection for the Banking Sector

The incidence of cybercrime continues to grow worldwide. Crimes are increasingly committed in the digital space rather than in the real world. The Nevis professional article provides useful information on the following topics:

– Fraud prevention and fraud detection: a brief comparison
– Fraud prevention and fraud detection in the financial sector
– Example of a typical online fraud attempt

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