Ákos Sass

Goessler Kuverts Kft.

Member of Supervisory Board

What was the main reason you joined Swisscham? When did you join?

In January 2016 I took over the management of Goessler Kuverts Kft. and since the company was already a member, the Swisscham membership came automatically. The Swisscham events, and in particular the activity and momentum of then-Ambassador Jean-Francois Paroz, then convinced me of what a good community had developed in this form.

Why did you decide to run for a position on the Board?

Upon request of Dr. István Béres, Chairman, I decided to run for the position of the Supervisory Board.

What do you expect from the cooperation of our chamber and your company in the future?

I believe that exchanging information between members of such a chamber can often help more than any business consulting firm.

What event(s) would you highlight from the history of our joint work?

We always spent the Christmas gatherings in a good mood, and I was happy to take part in the “Grand Tour of Switzerland in Hungary” organized by the embassy. I enjoyed the new ambassador’s, Mr. Peter Burkhard’s welcome tour with wine tasting and I participated on several memorable trainings organized by the chamber.