Mária Szmodis

VITRA Magyarországi Képviselete

Board member

What was the main reason you joined Swisscham? When did you join?

Because I have been working for Swiss-owned companies for 25 years, I considered it very important to keep in touch with companies with similar roots. In addition to getting to know their domestic activities, it was also exciting to establish personal, almost friendly relations, for which chamber events always created a perfect platform.

Why did you decide to run for a position on the Board?

I felt it was my personal goal not only to be an observer of the events, but also to proactively participate in the work of the chamber, in the development of its strategy and in the organization of its events.

What do you expect from the cooperation of our chamber and your company in the future?

It is still an important aspect for us to be in contact with Hungarian-based companies in Hungary, to be able to exchange our views on a topic affecting the economy. As the membership of the chamber is very diverse, it is very exciting and sometimes instructive to know the response and strategy of the member companies covering a wide range of issues. In the current challenging period, we consider it important to work more closely together through online platforms.

What event(s) would you highlight from the history of our joint work?

I have several fond memories of the past. Of these, I am happy to remember the first Swiss Business Day, in which I took an active part. We achieved the set goal, the member companies of the chamber could not only get to know each other’s activities through their representatives, but we also organized a mini-exhibition. It was really visible how colorful our community has become! From Swiss bakeries and chocolate manufactories, to furniture and pharmaceutical manufacturers to consulting companies, everyone has a stand or individually designed look. I wil also remember the gala evening for the 20th anniversary of the founding of Swischam for a long time. A fantastic evening with plenty of guests, including the founders.