Péter Szlávik

Philip Morris Magyarország Kft.

Board member

Swisscham is one of the most active chambers of commerce in Hungarian public life.

Of particular value to me and to the Swiss-based Philip Morris I represent is the fact that [Swisscham] provides channels for both constructive two-way communication with the government and other business actors.

In addition, the human, familiar, mutually supportive atmosphere that characterizes this community is quite special.

The traditionally close partnership with the Hungarian Swiss Embassy also increases the value of professional work.

I have previously taken an active role in other professional associations, such as co-chair of the JVSZ Health Committee, head of the working group of the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, or within the framework of AmCham. Once again, I would like to thank the voters who trust me for the honor that I am trying to earn in the period ahead.

I would highlight in particular the events that lie ahead and the new formal frameworks that this difficult period, which has dominated this year, may introduce.

Personalization of electronic communication, transfer of human relations and corridor conversations to digital platforms, enrichment of virtual meetings and conferences with the informal, familiar and effective color that has characterized the life of the Chamber so far.

Our company is the 55th largest domestic company in terms of turnover, so its role in the Hungarian economic life is very significant. On the other hand, it is moving from one of the largest tobacco companies to a technology, life-sciences-focused company, taking a leading role in the global transformation of its markets. All of this can bring public health benefits to 1 billion smokers worldwide, which is a huge challenge, mission and opportunity at the same time.