30 November 2022

Leadership change at Stadler’ Hungarian headquarters

After a highly successful period of more than one and a half decade, Mr. Zoltán Dunai, managing director of Stadler Trains Hungary Ltd. is handing over the leadership of the company to Dr. Róbert Homolya. Mr. Homolya’s primary responsibility will be to architect and accomplish the middle- and long term sales strategy of Stadler in the Hungarian market.

New manager of the company, Dr. Róbert Homolya is an experienced lawyer, who has extensive expertise in the field of transport development: he served in different relating positions, such as the secretary of state responsible for transport policy in 2017, Chairman and CEO of Hungarian State Railways between 2018 and 2022, Chairman of Hungarian Railways Association Hungrail, or as the vice-chairman of the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure CER in the international sphere. Mr. Homolya is going to start his career at Stadler as of 1 October 2022.

Under the leadership of Zoltán Dunai, Stadler became the largest supplier in the modern history of the Hungarian Railways, the 195 state-of-the-art railway vehicles sold in Hungary played a vital part in the modernization aspirations of the country’s railways. Mr. Dunai also played an important role in bringing aluminium carbody production and railway bogie revision and assembly to Hungary, contributing to the revival of the Hungarian railway production industry. For these remarkable achievements Stadler is expressing its gratitude for Mr. Dunai’s contribution, and wishes all the best for his future plans.

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