We offer many free services to the members of the Chamber, which service portfolio is expanded throughout the year in accordance with the needs and adapting to the continuous development of the market and economic situation.

General commercial information 

We provide our members with useful basic information on issues affecting domestic and Swiss trade.

Swiss market information for Hungarian interested parties, Hungarian market information for Swiss interested parties

We have up-to-date Swiss and Hungarian market information for all our members.

Tax and legal issues

We direct the interested party to our members involved in legal and financial issues.

Partner search

In case of investment and business intention, we look for potential partners among our members and partners. If required, we can also arrange a personal meeting.

Advertising opportunity

We offer our members a permanent advertising opportunity on our website, Facebook, and in our 1-2 monthly newsletters, which go to nearly a thousand addresses (to our members, partners, and other subscribers).

Organizing events

For our members, and with the help of our members, we regularly organize events on a variety of topics that are essential to business. We also hold informal meetings and receptions to help to build relationships between our members.

In addition to the current economic situation, the diversity of our events is shaped by the personal ideas and initiatives of our members.

For non-members

We provide free basic information on economic and commercial topics in the Swiss and Hungarian regions. If required and possible, for a fee, we direct interested parties to our member companies.

Our members