11 October 2022

Press release: Swisscham Hungary Sustainability Picnic

After the jubilee tree planting organized two years ago, Swisscham Hungary – Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce implemented another green project: this time, together with its member companies, it set up an insect hotel in Népliget.

Budapest, September 21, 2022 – After the jubilee tree planting organized two years ago, Swisscham Hungary – Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce implemented another green project: this time, together with its member companies, it set up an insect hotel in Népliget. Their goal is to draw attention to the importance of environmental protection and the importance of preserving the diverse ecosystem that directly surrounds city people through projects such as tree planting and insect hotel installation.

On the morning of September 20, Swisscham Hungary and its member companies set up an insect hotel in Népliget, not far from the location of the jubilee tree planting two years ago. The exemplary project is another jewel of the chamber’s commitment to environmental protection and a greener, more sustainable future. The main sponsor and partner of the event was Philip Morris Hungary.

With an insect hotel for sustainability

Despite their small size, insects have a huge and fundamental role in everyday life. In addition to pollinating our plants, they also help preserve the structure and fertility of the soil, but they also play a particularly important role in the food chain. As a result of urbanization, insects are losing their habitat en masse, and the insect population has been rapidly decreasing for years. The insect hotel creates optimal conditions for its inhabitants all year round: it serves as a temporary home, or can be used as a nest. It provides food for insects that feed on plant parts, and shelter for some species during the winter hibernation period.

“Not a day goes by that something doesn’t remind us of the importance of protecting the environment. Lower emissions, renewable energy sources, reducing everyday pollution are values we all hear about and know well. This time, our Chamber wants to promote environmental awareness from a slightly different angle. Our aim is to use a symbolic project to raise awareness not only of the importance of protecting the environment, but also of preserving the diverse ecosystems that surround us, as this is the only way to make our environment and the city we live in greener and more sustainable.” – said Júlia Lipovecz, director of Swisscham Hungary.

Jean-François Paroz, Ambassador of Switzerland to Hungary also spoke at the event:

“On August 31, 2022, the Federal Council approved the bilateral implementation agreements on the Swiss cohesion contribution in Hungary and other EU member states. Sustainable development plays a central role in all topics supported by the second Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Program. Special attention is paid to climate aspects, including the analysis of climate change mitigation options and the risks of adapting to change, monitoring the process with appropriate climate indicators, and green selection criteria in calls for tenders and green public procurement. The Swiss Embassy fully supports the efforts of Swisscham Hungary and its member companies to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development.”

Dr. Barbara Botos, the ambassador-at large responsible for climate affairs and climate diplomacy of the Ministry of Technology and Industry also praised the event:

“Environmental pollution, climate change and the loss of biodiversity represent the three biggest natural challenges of our time. The protection of diversity is also important because different organisms can serve as an irreplaceable genetic information base, a source of food or a raw material for medicine in the future. The established insect hotel serves exactly this purpose. Ecosystem-based solutions that are close to nature must once again be a part of our everyday life. Industrial ecosystems, like natural ecosystems, must be built as a circular economy; we can no longer think linearly.”

Unity is strength

The event is a forerunner of Philip Morris Hungary’s soon-to-be-launched “For a Smoke-Free City” educational campaign, which will start at the end of September. The aim of the initiative is to draw attention to what we can do on a daily basis to reduce emissions. The focus of the project is on the city area and city people, and it presents life situations that are specifically linked to city life.

“We now know that all of our everyday activities are associated with emissions, and that each of them has an alternative with lower emissions and less burden on the environment. What happens to the climate and our living conditions depends to a large extent on our personal decisions and choices. The aim of the campaign for a Smoke-free City starting next week is to draw attention to everyday harm reduction, which can be achieved even through small changes, as every step taken on this path counts! We are very happy that Swisscham Hungary also supports this initiative, and we can only hope that as many people as possible will join this call, be it business life, public sector actors, political and professional decision-makers, or diplomats.” – said Márton Hajdu, the spokesperson of Philip Morris Hungary.

The event was attended by representatives of member companies of Swisscham Hungary Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce.

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