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Business Self-Defense - Management Competence Development Using An Innovative Method

Event date:

07.06.2023, 09:00-11:30


La Place Stúdió, Budapest, 1025 Szépvölgyi út 44. 

The aim of this two-hour, special business training is to discover the less conscious dimensions of communication, to develop adaptability, and to accept our mistakes for the sake of development. The training method is based on physical experience, we rework easy-to-learn self-defense situations into a business, meta-communication context.

The trainer, Balázs Vaszkun, our member, shares his 15 years of competence development experience with the participants.

Here you can read more about the concept of the training, of which our June event will give you a first taste. Although it is not an everyday event, participation is recommended for all business actors, since at the end of the training, a new world of social interaction will be revealed to the participant, which strengthens confidence and awareness – and this is only the beginning of the journey.

It is recommended to wear comfortable shoes (change shoes are mandatory on site) and clothing in which, e.g. you can squat down.