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Connect Conference

Event date:

20.04.2023, 09:00-17:00


Eiffel Műhelyház, Kőbányai út 30, Budapest 1101

We would like to draw your attention to our partner’s, Blue Colibri’s following event, to which Swisscham guests can register with 20% discount (see details below).

Last year, the Blue Colibri team set the goal of organizing a conference for domestic marketing and communication specialists, where not only domestic TOP specialists share practical knowledge, but which also provides opportunity for real networking and professional knowledge exchange among the participants. Last year, we welcomed interested parties in 2 halls with more than 40 speakers. The summary video is available by clicking HERE!

Speakers and the program are constantly published on the website: 

Why should you participate?
This year, with the cooperation of our chamber, the event will be expanded with a new Swiss corner. Panel discussions in which Júlia Lipovecz, the director of the chamber, and representatives of several of our chamber member companies will speak:

  • Corporate culture is the Swiss army knife of formation, i.e. this is how Swiss companies are built
  • Benefit, halfway there?!

Practical tips
During the presentations, special emphasis is placed on sharing practical tips. The goal is that the participants of the conference can use what was said in their own work the very next day.

Knowledge material
A wide range of knowledge material (e-book, checklist, etc.) is made available to the participants on the event's own application (also for download).

Networking - Let's connect!
The undisclosed goal of the conference is to build a professional community, so special emphasis is placed on helping to create a professional dialogue. Not only speakers and participants, but also participants can discuss their professional challenges and possible solutions among themselves.


To apply the 20% discount (instead of HUF 38,900 + VAT, HUF 30,900 + VAT),
enter the following promotion code during registration: