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Discussion with company managers about supporting the health screening of employees

The initiative of Roche Magyarország Kft. may also be interesting for other companies!

Come and let's talk about solutions within the company, how they can help the health of their employees!

Roche Hungary has announced a broad collaboration in the health sector and among other large companies to increase the number of screening tests in health areas affecting women, which had decreased due to the coronavirus.

As a result of the COVID epidemic, the number of screening tests affecting women has decreased worldwide. Hungary was also negatively affected by the downturn, and was already behind the European average.

This is why Roche Hungary is launching its campaign, in which it will team up with patient organizations, professional societies and large companies in order to encourage as many women as possible; go for screening.

Screening tests are important not only for women, but also for men. Roche Hungary and the Roche Services & Solutions service center, which also operates in Budapest, therefore give all their employees an extra day off if they go for screening tests (mammography, HPV screening for men after a comprehensive urological examination) - this affects a total of more than 2,200 employees.

The aim of the event is to get to know Roche's initiative, as well as the efforts of other companies in this direction, in order to ensure that more people regularly attend screenings. On behalf of Roche, Raffaella Bondi, Executive Director, and Vanda Galambos, Health Policy Center Lead, will participate in the discussion.

What you should know about HPV - Katalin Perkátai is a Roche cervical cancer and HPV expert

Let's protect the health of the employees together!