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Health 2023: Yoga and better sleep workshop

Event date:

28.11.2023, 15:00-17:00


La Place Studio,
1025 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 44.

The language of the event is Hungarian.

Good health is essential to make better business decisions and to manage everyday struggles properly. Yoga gives us a tool to help our physical bodies function better and to create mental-spiritual balance in our everyday lives.

Good sleep is essential for a healthy life and is one of the keys to our overall health. 

"Specific steps to a good sleep pattern for quality rest is the key to good health." 
- Presentation by Iván Sárecz, business development consultant (Swicon Zrt.) and sleep expert. 

After the presentation, a 45-minute yoga class and relaxation for physical and mental balance, led by our colleague Anita Beck, certified yoga instructor.

Please bring comfortable clothing suitable for yoga practice. (There is a changing room available for the guests)