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Holinstinct - Revitalize and Thrive for productivity and well-being - webinar (1.)

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The language of the event is Hungarian.

The creators of the Holinstinct methodology is Bernadett Tresó Certified Integral Coach, Certified Personality and Life Coach, Certified Senior Change Manager, Economist, Holistic Business Mentor and Coach (currently) and

Maria Udvardi-Gocs Positive Psychology, Certified Life and Business and Resilience Coach NeuroTransformation Coach (currently), passionate content creator and blog writer who focuses on mental resilience, physical well-being and personal development advice.

The methodology is a holistic, integrated and accessible approach to wellbeing that addresses the needs of both corporate and non-corporate clients through a multi-faceted system of lifestyle coaching. This approach combines coaching, nutrition, physical activity and mindfulness, recognising the interconnectedness of these factors in achieving overall wellbeing. It is a multi-faceted approach that is flexible and supportive, empowering individuals to take control of their wellbeing in ways that work for them.

About Holinstinct (PDF) - in Hungarian

Presentation (PDF) - in Hungarian