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Netzwerk Digital - Tradition meets digitalisation: Where the new Silk Road reaches the EU

Event date:

17.04.2023, 10:30-


4621, Fényeslitke, Terminál út 1, Magyarország

The terminal is about a three-hour drive from Budapest and is on the country’s outermost border with Ukraine.
The arrival of the participants should be organized independently.

Company visit at the East-West Gate (EWG) logistics terminal in Hungary


  • Arrival by 10:30
  • Refreshments and coffee until 10:45
  • Presentation by Managing Director János Tálosi on the construction process, investment and vision until 11:45
  • Further professional lectures until 13:15
  • Presentation of control systems until 13:45
  • Viewing the terminal until 14:30
  • Buffet, refreshments, departure until 15:00


Opportunities for companies

In addition to the comprehensive shipping services offered by the terminal to China and the EU, companies also have the opportunity to build or rent their own warehouses, production facilities and factories in the immediate vicinity of the terminal.

The event will be held in English.