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Site visit at Boxy Fulfillment Warehouse

Event date:

23.11.2023, 14:00-16:00


Boxy Fulfillment Warehouse,
2225 Üllő, hrsz. 3621/1

Participation is free for Swisscham Hungary members and Netzwerk Digital partner organisations, but subject to registration

The language of the event is Hungarian-English.

Digitalization and robotized processes are now playing an important role in the logistics sector. Boxy operates the largest fulfillment warehouse and robotized service in Hungary, serving the warehouse logistics of online stores and e-tailers robotically and error-free. 

Thanks to the independent storage of data in multiple locations and a highly secure IT system, the product's journey can be accurately tracked from storage, through delivery, to sale.

Today, online stores in Hungary typically rent a full warehouse or shelf space and use a courier service to deliver the products ordered. But with outsourced fulfilment services, they can use everything, i.e. the entire logistics process. This includes a warehouse IT system integrated with the webshop engines, robotic picking and sorting, packaging, and warehousing and delivery.