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Social Selling training

Event date:

25.11.2022, 09:00-16:00


Budapest (TBC)

How to get clients on the professional social platform Linkedin?
How to build a personal brand online?
How to communicate effectively with your contacts on LinkedIn?

In our six-hour, practice-oriented, workshop-type program, we will go over these questions through concrete examples, while we also leave time for personal networking.

1. Topics of the morning session:
Introduction to the Social selling concept, personal branding, target person search, personal selling digitally using LinkedIn

2. Topics of the afternoon session:
Communication and business acquisition on LinkedIn

After the training, we provide coaching, which includes that you can contact us with questions for 3 months, and can also have a personal one-hour consultation.

For further information on this event, please visit the Hungarian version of this invite, as the event will take place in Hungarian. Upon request, we will also organize this training in English. (You can indicate your interest for an English event via e-mail to