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Aarbergergasse 29 3011 Bern

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Public transport, Digitisation

FAIRTIQ is a mobile ticketing system that makes travelling on public transport easier than ever before. The app allows users to easily check-in and check-out rather than buying a ticket from the driver, at a vending machine or in person, with all the hassle that that involves.

At the end of their journey, users are charged the right price for the actual journey undertaken – whether it is single or multi-leg, or involving more than one operator. Because of low installation costs, and high customer satisfaction, FAIRTIQ’s app is suitable for public transport companies regardless of size or type.
The app uses artificial intelligence based bespoke algorithms drawing on many years of experience in public transport and ticketing to build a highly accurate picture of a user’s journey, making the app accurate and reliable.

FAIRTIQ’s technology is available nationwide in Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein, and is being oimplemeted in Denmark. FAIRTIQ is also available in several regions of Germany and France, and soon the Czech Republic.