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Budapest, Andrássy út 74. fszt. 7.

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Distribution of medical aids & IVD medical devices

“In the nearly twenty years that I have spent in the healthcare business market, I have always taken great pleasure in introducing new things, the introduction of new things that I believe can help those who want to heal gain an advantage either in the field of health preservation, prevention, or recovery.

Today, we are once again on the verge of such an event, when we open Bloom Home Diagnostics’ second European store and the Hungarian journey of this innovative technology begins.

We are working with all our knowledge to make this unusual product and service as widely known and valuable as possible!

For me, in addition to the uniqueness of the product, this project is special because for the first time we are speaking to the entire population and we are working to make the entire population aware of the benefits of Bloom Home Diagnostics.

I am confident in the success, because I know that both Bloom and the great team of Hear&Go will do everything to serve and support one of our most important values; health!”

Tibor Terman – Founder