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Kloudblaze Informatikai Kft.

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1031 Budapest Nánási út 75-77. C. ép. 1. em. 613.

Uetlirain 3, 8143, Stallikon, Switzerland

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With more than two decades of marketing, sales, and software development experience, we are an official Salesforce partner, helping small and large companies to implement Salesforce as a platform, develop their CRM systems and strategically design their sales and marketing automation processes. From design and implementation to client-side user training, we provide a full-stack service, so the CRM system delivered, with all its integrations, is ready to use. Why Salesforce? Because Salesforce is not just a CRM system. It’s a fully customizable SAAS platform on which any digital service can be built and integrates seamlessly with any existing system so that you can manage all your sales and marketing channels from one platform.