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PEVbit Photovoltaic Energy Varieties

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Chämletenweg 1, Rümlang 8153, Switzerland

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Distribution and installation of solar, hybrid and reservoir power plants

PEVbit was founded in 2017 by Fruzsina Nagy and Frank-Michael Sutor in Germany. The first projects were more in the electric car industry. At the beginning, our co-founder and CEO

Fruzsina Nagy was working on international projects with the car manufacturer BMW. During her international research and studies on energy law and policy, Fruzsina was involved in several energy storage projects. With her growing knowledge in this field, our company is constantly evolving. As a legal trainee, she participated in an energy storage related project at CMS Cameron McKenna in Edinburgh and has given guest lectures on energy law at the University of Stirling.

His current firm, PEVbit, relocated to Switzerland in 2020. After a year and a half of continuous market research and consumer analysis, we started to be active in the Swiss market this year. In August this year, after a lengthy preparation, we also started active work in Hungary.

As far as our projects are concerned, there is no market use that we cannot satisfy. Many of our projects are hybrid projects, combining wind and solar energy. We also have solar-only projects

and wind-only projects in both countries. Our company is also involved in a national project of the International Energy Communities, where Fruzsina Nagy, co-founder and managing director, is one of the professional and legal advisors.

Our professional staff consists of highly respected professionals. In addition to having a high professional background, we have our own network of partners for the production and installation of customized support structures for projects. This enables us to deliver precise and accurate work.

Their greatest achievement, after this short presence in the market, is the title of exclusive distributor and franchise manufacturer of an internationally recognised wind energy product in both Hungary and Switzerland.

Our contracted partners are leading European manufacturers and wholesalers.