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Maria Udvardi-Gocs – Resilient Coach

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Sonnmattweg 10, Liestal 4410 Svájc

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Life and Business Coach /Resilience Coach

Hello everyone,

My name is Maria Udvardi-Gocs, and I am a resilient coach with a strong background in project management for global companies. After experiencing burnout, I transitioned to coaching to help others build resilience and overcome similar challenges. I hold a postgraduate diploma in Positive Psychology and am currently studying NeuroTransformational Coaching to implement cutting-edge techniques in my coaching business. This advanced training will enhance my ability to support clients on a deeper level.

Living in Switzerland, I merge my extensive project management experience with strategic leadership and resilience coaching to provide comprehensive project management support and coaching. This ensures holistic personal and professional development for my clients.

To help you on your journey, I am offering my resilience workbook for free. You can download it here Workbook link.

I look forward to connecting and collaborating with you all.

Warm regards,
Maria Udvardi-Gocs