Péter Noszek

Nestlé Hungária Kft.

Vice president
Board member

What was the main reason you joined Swisscham? When did you join?

Nestlé Hungária has been operating in Hungary for almost 30 years, currently as the largest Swiss investor and employer, which in itself explains why we consider common Swiss values and membership in the Swiss-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce important. So our presence in the organization is not new, but it is a great honor to be elected to the board of Swisscham this year as well.

Why did you decide to run for a position on the Board?

By running for the Board membership, I complied with the request of President Dr. István Béres. Based on previous chamber experiences, I think that Nestlé’s significant presence in Hungary and its role in society may have been an important aspect of his invitation. We are present in nine out of ten households in Hungary – due to our resulting responsibilities, we try to make a meaningful contribution to solving the current social and labor market issues that we encounter during our operations.

What do you expect from the cooperation of our chamber and your company in the future?

We are past a lot of successful collaborations with the chamber, of which perhaps the organization and support of a dual vocational training study trip is worth highlighting first. Along the way, we introduced important Hungarian decision-makers to the intricate yet very well-functioning system of vocational education in Switzerland, and at the same time gave us an insight into the cooperation between the parent company and local schools and Nestlé’s integration of vocational students into production workflows. Of course, I have a lot of new ideas for the future, which is why I took the board membership.

What event(s) would you highlight from the history of our joint work?

As I mentioned, the joint efforts in the field of dual vocational training were exemplary, and perhaps the Hungarian dual vocational training system, which was still developing at that time, also benefited from the experience. But I could also mention the Swiss Business Day 2017, which HIPA also got involved in organizing. I am confident that in my new role I will be able to deepen the current working relationship and that we will continue to represent the values of “Switssness” together with the Chamber.